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iAM Global Education's training was instrumental to the success of our teachers' ability to convert our classrooms from in-person instruction to online learning due to our school closure. We have successfully transferred our classrooms to digital learning so our students don’t miss valuable education during these uncertain times.

- Jeff Ahn, Principal and Founder of Valor International Scholars, Seoul, Korea 

Future Ready Classrooms

Transform your classrooms into future ready, technology-rich digital learning environments with our expert leaders, trainers, and comprehensive, individualized solutions. 


Multimedia Arts Programs

Add Grammy® Nominated and industry expert STEM Media Arts programs to your course offerings to enhance technology-rich classrooms for your students and increase enrollment for your school. 

Professional Development

Develop skills and obtain resources from classroom technology experts to refine your instructional delivery in a technology-rich environment. 

American High School Diploma

Accredited School

Learn more. Be more. Do more. 

Earn your American High School diploma with our high quality, accredited, affordable online school. We are the difference-maker for achieving your dreams. 

iAM Global Education® is spearheading the development and implementation of technology-rich classrooms and critical-thinking learning environments across the world so students will be prepared for college and modern-day careers. We are the difference- makers in the future of education. 

Throughout the world, their quality training and expertise
leaves schools a lot better than they were before. 

- Maha Bawazir, Global Education Consultancy (GEC), CEO and Founder, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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