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Our school benefitted from their educational

expertise and stellar leadership. 

- Tomader M. Ayad, Co-Founder, Al Oruda International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Professional Development

Learning does not stop when you finish schooling. Even for the most experienced of us, there are always ways to grow. iAM Global Education® Team offers a wide range of engaging and innovative classes to retool your teaching skills in technology-rich learning environments. 

Select Professional Learning for Administrators and Teachers 

Professional Learning Session Offered


With our hands-on training sessions, teachers will be able to deliver quality instruction to their students including:


  • Usage of Digital Learning Tools

Enhance teacher knowledge to effectively deliver instruction via digital learning tools.  

  • Digital Responsibility
    Teach students how to become safe, respectful, and confident virtual learners.

  • Global Readiness
    Prepare students for essential, futuristic workforce and soft skills.

  • Problem-Solving
    Develop students’ ability to solve and face future challenges.

  • Voice and Choice
    Allow students to advocate and select their own learning options.

  • Collaboration
    Redesign student assignments to include teamwork, creativity, and flexibility.

  • Student Engagement
    Keep students on-task and engaged in learning with various levels of support.


  • Advancing Technologies

Create captivating lessons by using innovative tools including AI, AR, and VI.

Select Customized Solutions for Administrators and Teachers 

The global employment market has changed dramatically in recent years, and with it the demand for students to learn future ready skills has grown exponentially. But where do you begin? How do you begin?
iAM Global Education®’s expert consulting team and solutions packages help ensure that your institution efficiently and effectively move students forward to meet the rigors of authentic, real world, and marketable future ready skills.

For more information enroll with iAM Global Education® 

What You Get

  • Professional Development for your school leaders and teachers ranging from online courses and self-paced, face-to-face workshops, to live, interactive webinars, and one-on-one coaching.

  • Customized solutions based on your individual school’s needs or circumstances.

  • Coaching and training to implement project-based learning in your classrooms.

  • Strategic implementation plan with timelines, training for school leaders and teachers, recommendations on proven, successful technology devices, instructional and infrastructure technology support, and on-going coaching support provided by experts in the industry for your staff.

Their amazing support, wealth of knowledge, and proven track has made a huge difference to our quality and effectiveness.

- Sharad Bhatia, President, School Education Research and Innovation, Delhi, India

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