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About Us

Welcome to iAM Global Education® (iAGE)

Established in 2016, iAM Global Education® (iAGE pronounced ee-ah-gee) is a comprehensive, classroom technology integration company providing education opportunities to students, teachers, administrators, and educational business leaders across the globe.

For students, iAGE® Academy delivers a private accredited K-12 school, leading to an American High School Diploma.

For school administrators and teachers, we offer classroom technology integration, professional learning, futuristic classroom transformation, and turnkey STEM Multimedia programs.

For educational business leaders and owners, we extend our American High School Diploma program to schools across the globe to enhance their quality course and program offerings as well as to increased enrollment and revenues. 

Meet the iAGE Leadership Team

iAM Global Education® (iAGE) leadership team is comprised of passionate, expert educators, visionaries, and change agents who believe the world is the classroom and all students should have equal access to high quality education. Our international team is well equipped with experienced innovators, content experts, and technology gurus. With our proven track-record and expertise in the educational technology arena allows us to take a customized approach to design and development based on the needs of our students and clients.

Teenage Students Raising Hands
Engineering Robot Car
Dr. Anne Marie Woolsey CEO Founder Messa

Dr. Anne Marie Woolsey

CEO and Founder

Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey believes in the power of learning through student-centered, technology-enriched classrooms environments. Formally educated at various American universities, Dr. Anne-Marie refined her expertise as an educational leader by spending thousands of hours in schools, transforming hundreds of classrooms into quality learning environments, and delivering a plethora of professional learning opportunities to teachers and school leaders in more than 30 countries across the globe including North, South, and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She spent time studying how quality instruction and strong leadership can enhance student academic success. It did not take long before Dr. Anne-Marie realized her passion resided in the intersection of blending student-centered learning with technology integrated classrooms so today’s students can be prepared for universities and colleges as well as modern-day careers. That sentiment remains the driving force of iAM Global Education today. 

Traveling across the globe working with schools became her destiny as the demands of transforming classrooms into technology-rich learning environments grew. An era of visualizations and discoveries were etched into her memory from the millions of miles of air travel, the immense number of classroom visits globally, the countless hours of conversations with global corporate and school leaders, teachers, students and parents, and the immeasurable amount of appreciation she developed for educators who wanted to make a difference in students’ lives. All these experiences, insights, knowledge, and memories transfused her work.  

Today, Dr. Anne-Marie is a highly esteemed, innovative educational leader and CEO/Founder of iAM Global Education, a classroom technology integration company that is  supporting a world of high quality, technology-rich education with a digital learning school for students, professional learning for teachers and school leaders, and STEM programs to enhance technology-rich programs offerings in schools.

Points of Pride

  • School Builder - Designed and built a $42.7 million, state-of-the-art high school.

  • Technology Booster - Implemented STEM and CTE programs.

  • Classroom Transformer - Spearheaded classroom digital technology usage.

  • Developed Partnerships - Enhanced sustainability for classroom technology. 

  • Turnaround School - Moved failing high school to an excelling school, which is recognized as an U.S. News and World Report Silver Medalist.

  • Online Learning Developer - Designed several world-class online schools. 

  • Presenter/Keynote at Global Conferences -  Delivered training sessions/keynotes at  International Associate of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), Arizona Administrators School Business Organization (AASBO), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and AdvancED Global Conferences  (Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah and Riyadh).

  • Quality Assurance Expert for Digital Learning - Supported quality assurance and continuous improvement for schools across the world. 

  • Awards Recipient - AZLEADS Circle of Honor Award for exemplary school leadership, Arizona State University Outstanding Faculty Member for outstanding face-to-face, online, and blended learning instruction and online learning curriculum development, Arizona School Administrators Outstanding Doctoral Student for excelling research in educational leadership, and Outstanding Guest Lecturer at Global Conferences located in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Nepal, and India.


Arizona State University - Doctor of Educational Administration and Supervision.

University of South Florida - Master of Arts (Marketing Education).

Golden Gate University - Master of Business Administration (International Management).

Kent State University - Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing).


Shawn Huffman

Innovation and Learning Quality

With a rich blend of innovative technology and creative design experiences, Shawn Huffman is engineering the evolution of educational technology in the classroom. He has been a change agent for education as an instructional technology expert for the past 20 years. His Master’s Degree in Educational Technology leveraged his early career where he served as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), and Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA). He worked as a system administrator and WAN architect for various companies.  His networking and technology experience has aided him greatly in the classroom. 

In 2012, Shawn was invited to present at an international mobile technology conference and lead a session showcasing the paperless classroom and how to move a classroom into the cloud.  This fueled his desire to persist pushing authentic, problem based learning in his classroom. He has designed English classes that were entirely technology project based and, yet, continued to be aligned to the state standards.  Mr. Huffman pushed traditional school district boundaries where he created a dedicated google platform, or GAFE (Google Apps for Education) domain.  He recently received Google Certified Educator status and attended the International Google Summit.

As a media specialist, Mr. Huffman assisted his colleagues develop their curriculum using technology tools and resources in many different areas of study.  His technology expertise and innovative curriculum designing skills is an added advantage to the iAM Global Education team.

Boys at School
Boy with DIY Robot
Luse Profile 1 copy.png

Eric Luse


Eric Luse is a highly respected film and video specialist.   Known for his skills as a screenwriter, director and editor, Eric has worked as the facilitator and instructor for advanced and award winning high school film and broadcasting programs. He has considerable experience having worked as a screenwriter, actor and casting director in the independent film industry for over ten years.  Eric has also earned a reputation  for being a highly effective and motivating mentor to other educators in the use of technology in the classroom, digital citizenship and using online platforms to better learning environments. 

Chemistry Students

Katie Assali

Curriculum Design

With a passion for educating and innovating, Katie Assali has been integrating and showcasing 21st century skills into her classroom and school since 2007.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education History and a Masters in Education focusing on Curriculum and Instruction, Katie’s skills as Social Studies Lead Innovation Specialist have allowed her to create engaging and inventive project based curriculum to promote authentically driven learners.  Through insight gained from having attended hundreds of hours of professional development in the field of educational technology, Katie has been asked to present her knowledge in multiple instances such as an international mobile conference in 2012, and countless trainings at the district and school level from 2012 until present day. 


As a Google Certified Educator and Trainer, Katie has transformed her traditional classroom into a project based learning center where technology is put into the hands of students to foster creativity and critical thinking.  With this model, and her experience as an online teacher, she has created a unique, technology project based curriculum suitable for the global learner.  Katie’s passion to help students learn and grow by finding what truly drives them has also taken her all over the world.  She has organized and guided multiple trips with students to learn about other cultures and become globally aware leaders and citizens.  With this vast array of experience and knowledge, Katie brings so much to the iAM Global Education team.

Classroom Lecture
Kids in Technology Class
Assali, Rony Headshot (1).jpg

Rony Assali

Curriculum Design

Rony Assali began his career as an educator in 2008 working with high school students in both a traditional and on-line setting. Rony Assali has a rich history of developing curriculum for a wide variety of secondary math classes to maximize student engagement and ownership of learning. Rony earned his Bachelors in Secondary Education Math at Arizona State University. His Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, also from Arizona State University, supports his role perfectly as our math curriculum design specialist. Rony's teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in connecting mathematical concepts with real world applications to positively impact students' motivation for learning.  He has focused his professional development on project-based learning philosophies, best practices, and implementation through the use of various technology methods.


Mr. Assali is a change agent for education as an instructional technology expert for the past 12 years. In 2012, he was invited to present at a national mobile technology conference and lead a session showcasing a variety of technology tools to incorporate into the classroom to increase student engagement. Rony Assali has a great deal of experience working with students in an on-line setting and the importance of intentional curriculum design to ensure proactive student growth.  He is a Google Certified Educator and attended the International Google Summit. Mr. Assali's commitment to curriculum innovation and technology implementation makes him a critical part of our iAM Global Education team.

Study Group

Richard Maxwell



Musician, GRAMMY® nominee, and internationally recognized Education Innovator, Richard Maxwell’s musical journey has been anything but ordinary, taking him from the podium of Classical symphony orchestras to the heart of modern day Rock recording studios.  Maxwell developed the Arcadia High School (Phoenix, AZ) Creative Musical Arts and Sciences (CMAS) program – considered the model for creativity-based music programs across much of the United States.  Frequently a featured speaker at Education conferences, Maxwell received a Masters’ in Music from The University of Arizona in Conducting, and was the first ever recipient of a Music Composition degree from Bradley University. He was also recognized in 2014 as the Music Educator Mentor of the Year from Arizona State University. Known for his ability to bridge Arts with real world skills, as well as being a coveted mentor to other teachers, Richard has developed and written curriculum for several national organizations, and has even been sited as a primary reference in documentation for the US Congress. Most recently, asked by e4SUA (Engineering For Us All - in partnership with the National Science Foundation) to bring his innovative approach to the field of Engineering, helping to develop and pilot a new curriculum for Engineering Education across the US, Richard brings a wealth of experience to iAM Global Education. 




A world of quality, technology-rich education.



Cultivate interactive, technology-rich learning environments so students can learn more, be more, and do more in today’s world.


The Power of Knowledge

The power of knowledge allows more opportunities for student successes.

Beyond Classroom Walls

The entire globe becomes the classroom and learning never stops.

Learner-Centric Instruction

A learning environment where students are the center of it all.


Future Ready Skills Preparation

Technology integrated learning spaces where students obtain future ready skills needed for today’s careers.


Equal Access to Quality Education

Quality education for all students no matter who they are or where they are in the world.


Flexible, Customize Learning

Student voice and choice about learning at their own interest, pace, and place.


Service Excellence

Defying the status quo, celebrating life-long learning, innovation, and whatever it takes attitude for student success.


What is the Importance of Accreditation?

Accreditation is the Hallmark of School Excellence - Accreditation is an integral component of quality assurance at iAM Global Education® Academy-Diploma Program. Even though our school has developed and implemented internal processes for quality control, Cognia Accreditation is an external body that ensures our online school has quality leadership, student learning, and resources for student success and operational effectiveness. Cognia accreditation is comprised of three of the six regionally recognized K-12 accrediting bodies (NCA CASI, SACS, and NWAC) in the United States and have been accrediting schools for 125 years. Graduating and earning an American High School Diploma from an accredited American school is one of the essential ingredients for American and international college acceptance and admissions.

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