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The insight and experience have saved me potentially years of

trial and error in determining best practices for my program.

-Timothy M. Treweek, Liberty High School, Bethlehem, PA

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Convert to Future
Ready Classrooms

Quality Digital Learning Classrooms

Quality digital learning has never been more important. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused millions of schools across the globe to forced teachers, many who had little or no experience, to become online educators. During these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is imperative that our educators have professional development to continue to hone their skills in the delivery of quality online instruction in all classrooms, no matter what the subject or content area.


Our new educational norm will mandate teacher’s ability to deliver instruction using various modalities, shifting back-and-forth from brick-and-mortar classrooms to digital learning spaces.

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Develop and Launch Your Own Online and Blending Learning School

iAM Global Education® are experts in developing and implementing online learning environments at schools across the globe. We can have your school and teachers up and running with your customized online or blended learning school within a matter of weeks.


We can provide you with all the essential elements necessary for student success and operational effectiveness. 

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What You Get

  • ​iAM Global Education® Team consults with your leadership team to improve technology infrastructure needs all based on your current realities.

  • Professional Development for your school leaders and teachers ranging from online courses and self-paced, face-to-face workshops, to live, interactive webinars, and one-on-one coaching.

  • Customized solutions based on your individual school’s needs or circumstances.

  • Coaching and training to implement project-based learning in your classrooms.

  • Strategic implementation plan with timelines, training for school leaders and teachers, recommendations on proven, successful technology devices, instructional and infrastructure technology support, and on-going coaching support provided by experts in the industry for your staff.

For more information enroll with iAM Global Education® 

I wish every school had this!

- Nils Lofgren, E. Street Band Member, Rock Hall of Fame Member

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