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American High School Diploma

Accredited School

Learn more. Be more. Do more. 

Earn your American High School diploma with our high quality, accredited, affordable online school. We are the difference-maker for achieving your dreams. 

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English Language Learning

Accredited School

Improve your English language skills for your daily life, academic studies, American and international college admittance, and your future careers.

What is iAM Global Education® Academy 

American High School Diploma Program?

iAM Global Education® Academy is an online school leading to an American High School Diploma.
Earning a diploma from an accredited school is an important acceptance criterion for students to enter United States and international universities and colleges across the globe.

To be successful in college, students need to be prepared for college coursework. Our college prep high school diploma program, elite online course, and English Language Learning (if needed) are recognized as one of the essential acceptance requirements for colleges or universities a student plans to attend.
The iAM Global Education® Academy-American High School Diploma is an affordable, online private school that focuses on making a difference in the lives of students each and every day. 
Learn more. Be more. Do more.

iAM Global Education® is spearheading the development and implementation of technology-rich classrooms and critical-thinking learning environments across the world so students will be prepared for college and modern-day careers. We are the difference- makers in the future of education. 

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