iAM Global Education® gave us the expertise, training, and tools so our school could transform our traditional classrooms into future ready environments. 

- Sunyou Parks, Teacher, Valor International School, Anesoung, South Korea 

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Increase Your Course Offerings, Enrollment, and Revenues 

Looking for ways to increase your school’s revenues? Join the iAM Global School Within a School Partnership. Your school provides the space to house the fully accredited iAM Global Education® Academy-American Program, where your students can earn an American High School diploma at the same time they are earning their diploma from your school in your home country. It is a win-win situation for your students and your school. The American High School Diploma powered by iAM Global Education® Academy will support student’s admission to enter U.S. and international colleges and universities across the globe.


Please contact Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey, CEO and Founder of iAM Global Education,  today at amwoolsey@iamglobaleducation.com and reap the revenue benefits. 

Partner with iAM Global Education®

If you are culturally proficient and have business relationships and connections within
your country or region, you should consider becoming an iAM Global Education®

As a partner, you can gain the benefits from revenue from increased enrollment
streams, solutions packages including professional learning, and/or Media Arts STEM

Please contact Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey, CEO and Founder of iAM Global Education,
today at amwoolsey@iamglobaleducation.com and start increasing your revenues with
the best international classroom technology integration company.

iAM Global Education® truly made

a difference in our educational world.

- Seyd Uddin, CEO, International Schooling, Singapore, Singapore

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